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Some Confusing Very Early Signs of Pregnancy

Most women are familiar with feeling tired or bloated around the time of their period. A lighter than normal cycle may be misconstrued as a period when in fact it the implantation period of a fertilized egg. The point is that the very early signs of pregnancy can be easy to miss. It doesn’t help that each woman and pregnancy is different. Just because a woman has had a child or two before doesn’t mean she will necessarily know the second a new life is started. For this reason it is important for women of childbearing age to be aware of the early symptoms of pregnancy for their health and the health of their unborn baby.

One of the most overlooked very early signs of pregnancy is a feeling of just knowing something is different. Since there usually isn’t a clear symptom to report other people may chalk such a statement up to wishful thinking or attention seeking. However it is well documented that this phenomenon does occur and some women just instinctually know that they are pregnant. This certainly isn’t the norm, but there is no reason to discount the feeling either.

Often the very early signs of pregnancy can be mistaken for the beginning of a menstrual cycle. Frequent urination can happen during a period, so it may be overlooked. The same thing may occur with breast tenderness and the light bleeding associated with the fertilized egg implantation period. Many women may not be aware of their pregnancy until they are several weeks along. In many cases, the pregnancy isn’t obvious to mom until the second period is missed because of implantation. This is especially true when no other symptoms present themselves.

Another one of the lesser known very early signs of pregnancy is related to sex. Some women are turned off by the idea of having sex in the first trimester due to the discomforts that often come along with it. Of course there are others who find that their sex drive dramatically increases with early pregnancy. The reasons cited for this increase is due to hormonal changes and a greater blood flow to the breasts and genitals creating more intense sensation. Either response is normal and both types of symptoms will probably decrease over the course of the pregnancy.

The truth is the very early signs of pregnancy can be confusing and misleading especially to the woman dealing with them. Paying close attention to even the most insignificant change in how the body behaves can make all the difference in how quickly the new mom to be becomes aware of her baby to be.

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