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Usual Reasons For Infertility

Infertility is the case when couples try to conceive for a considerable time without any success. There are certain conditions that cause infertility to both men and women. Some are simple and easy to follow while others can be more complicated. These reasons for infertility range from the couple’s way of life, work environment, hereditary factors and even their hygiene.

The most common cause for infertility in men is having low count of sperm. There are several reasons for this but only a couple are medical in nature. This usually involves having a condition called varicocele wherein sperms are shaped abnormally. The lifestyle of a man has an effect on his sperm count. Normally, men who are active smokers, alcoholic drinkers, and drug abusers have lower sperm count than those who don’t. Soaking in a hut tub and wearing too tight jeans may cause low sperm count in men. Luckily, there are certain treatments that are applicable to correct this issue.


In women however, since they don’t produce sperm, ovulation is one of the main factor that causes infertility. For women, the most common factors for infertility are stress, age, and cervical deformities. A woman’s age is a major factor to contend with. A thirty years old and above woman is presumed to have low ovulation.

The best age group to have the best chance for ovulation is late teens and early twenties. It’s the peak of ovulation and the time when a woman is ripe for conception. Medical condition both at present and in the past can cause infertility in women. Other causes why women don’t conceive are previous infections, scar tissues, abnormal uterine lining, masses found in the uterus, and also blocked fallopian tubes.

Because infertility affects men and women, the first step to treatment is knowing who has the infertility problem. Given the long list of reasons for infertility, it may be that the both the couple would need medical attention. There are available medicines and health supplements in the market today for couples who have concerns with conception. Hence if you and your partner are still wondering why after all the effort you are still childless, it’s time you pay your doctor a visit now.

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