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10 Stress Reducers for Pregnant Women

Being pregnant will change your life forever in a myriad of ways. These changes can cause you to feel new anxieties that you were not expecting, and some of the ones that have bugged you for a long time can get even worse. For many pregnant women, there are many times when a calming of the nerves is in order. Look at the ideas in this article to find some ways that might make you feel better.

Even the scents in your house affect your mood, and when you are pregnant, smells have an even more powerful effect. Getting the right candles in your home can make all the difference when it comes to stabilizing your mood.

Warm bubble baths can also take the stress right out of your body. You don’t want to do it every night, as the soap can cause some infections, but a bubble bath once a week can make a world of difference as far as the stress in your body.

Sex may be the last thing on your mind, especially in your last trimester, but romance can work wonders when it comes to reducing stress. Plan a date night, dinner, a movie, the works, and the anticipation will help you forget the stress for a while.

Book a massage to work the stress right out of your muscles. There are several massage chains that offer a monthly membership for as little as $40 a month. That can be well worth it if it keeps the stress away.

If you’ve never had a pedicure, they are much more than trimming and painting your toenails. They can include hot stone therapy on your legs, and usually include a soothing massage from the knees down. This can boost your circulation and relax your muscles down there, working the stress right on out.

Meditation can work the stress out of your mind. Taking the time to relax your mind will have amazing results on the body. Allowing the spiritual realm to take worries off your mind will be very helpful.

Tea is one of the more calming drinks out there. Pour a hot cup of water over a tea bag and open up a book. The calming heat of the drink and the soothing rhythm of reading a book will combine to take the stress level in your body down several notches.

Get up and go for a walk outside. Take the dog along if you want. Just moving around sometime can bring your stress down, as the endorphins that exercise creates will automatically boost your mood.

Pick up the remote and turn off the idiot box. Too many shows are about nothing but drama — and that drama feeds the stress in our own minds. Instead, pick up a magazine or a book, or go to the park and watch people go by. Take that extra stimulus out of your mind so you can relax.

Get out of town for a weekend with your partner, the relaxation will make a world of difference.

Many paths to relaxation are out there. Choose the ones that help you the most.

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