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Staying In Shape Through Your Whole Pregnancy

Many people believe that because they are pregnant they are in a fragile state, but this is not usually the case. If you are having a low risk pregnancy you can still do a great deal to stay a healthy weight and strong. If you want to know what you can do to stay as fit as possible during your pregnancy you should continue reading this article.

Stay away from exercises that work your stomach muscles. Due to that you are pregnant those muscles will soften no matter what exercises that you do. In fact, you want them to do this so that room can be made for your baby to grow. If you do exercises like sit ups while you are pregnant you will just making it harder on yourself, as your organs will be under more pressure than otherwise from your growing baby. Of course, you can not and do not need to keep these muscles from flexing at all, but you should not do it intentionally either.

Do aerobic exercise at a moderate pace. Aerobic exercise is very good for you and it can help your baby to grow while he or she is inside of you. The only thing that you need to worry about is your heart and breathing rate. As long as you can comfortably do the work out without becoming out of breath or getting your heart rate too high you will be fine. As with any other exercise, however, you should ask your doctor before you begin. You may have a particular risk that is not addressed here.

Stay away from contact sports and sports that involve flying objects. The exercise that these sports can get you would be beneficial for you, but the risks are too high. Even if you are playing a version that does not allow contact, the risk is still there. You do not want to take any unnecessary risks, and these sports are definitely unnecessary. If you love sports try watching them during this time instead. You will have plenty of time after your child is born to enjoy them again.

Stretching is great for your body. When you are pregnant your body is put under a lot of stresses that it would not have to deal with otherwise, so cramps are common. To avoid these cramps and keep your blood flowing you should try to stretch a few times each day. Do not strain yourself, but find a routine that allows you to be comfortable while pulling on various muscle groups. If you look online you might even be able to find stretches that are specifically designed with the pregnant woman in mind.

Being pregnant does not mean that you can no longer exercise. In fact, exercise is important for you whether you are pregnant or not. Now that you have read this article, you know that you can do certain things to keep yourself in shape without risking the health of your baby.

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