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The Many Ways You Can Stay Fit While Pregnant

The importance of physical fitness is always true, to both genders, and at all ages. However, the essential nature of being active is particularly true to pregnant women. The health benefits to both unborn child and expecting mother are numerous, and both physical and emotional. Keep reading to learn the many ways you can stay fit while pregnant.

Take small and frequent walks. You are going to be carrying an extra load you are not accustomed too, as much as possibly fifty more pounds than usual, and heavily concentrated in one part of your body. Walk around your home, office or even do laps in stores or shopping malls when out buying.

Swim whenever you can. Even if it is not summer, join a gym or community health place with a pool. Swimming is a safe exercise and perhaps one of the few workouts that will stay on the increasingly shortening list of options your doctor is okay with.

Early in your pregnancy, try Pilates to stay fit. Later on, switch to yoga. Yoga especially is good, as all poses can be modified for pregnancy. However, the best thing is to just take prenatal yoga itself.

Once you learn exercises that are friendly to pregnant bodies, do them at home. You can do these while watching TV, listening to the radio or playing a favorite CD.

If you have other kids, play with them. This can actually be really beneficial psychologically for everyone, since it can reassure your current children that they are not forgotten. If they feel a part of your pregnancy, they might even chip in with little things along the way.

Do something physical with your partner. The two of you likely have some kind of shared passions. Enjoy them. Depending on your relationship and how it started, it could be anything from disc-golf to hiking. As long as you both still enjoy it and it is okay with your doctor, go out and do it!

Think about dancing. You can crank the music in your own home and dance by yourself, or you could even take dance classes with your partner or a friend. It will help you learn coordination and balance as your body changes and grows, and the muscle you develop will help you both in the last trimester and during delivery. Besides, if you have a fun activity that you hate to lose at the very end, it can be very motivating to get back to it as quickly as you can after you give birth.

Skip escalators and elevators in favor of stairs. Not only do stairs help you build up some lean muscle mass, just being active for a moment instead of standing still will do wonders for avoiding back pain.

Maintaining an active lifestyle during your pregnancy is critical to your own health, as well as your child. Still, stay in touch with your physician so that you do not do any exercises you should not, or perform the safe ones at unsafe levels.

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