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The Basic Stages of Pregnancy Development

Generally, pregnancies are welcomed with smiles and anticipation. Most people look forward to the arrival of a baby. A lot of people are vaguely aware of some of the things that will happen to the expectant mother during her pregnancy, but there are also some points along the way that can be potential problems. Being aware of the stages of pregnancy development can help others, and the mother, know what to expect, and how to prepare for certain situations.

One of the first potential problems in the stages of pregnancy development is what is euphemistically called “morning sickness”. The name seems to indicate that the woman will get sick only in the morning. Not all women get morning sickness, many women will get the nausea and experience vomiting during various parts of the day. Generally, this isn’t a problem because most people have experienced some degree of nausea at some point in their lives. If, however, the woman experiences “morning sickness” in the late afternoon or evening, she might not think she is pregnant. If she is pregnant, the expectant mother needs to be careful to eat a good, balanced, healthy diet at this point. What she eats will manufacture the nutrients that will feed the embryo. Empty calories won’t help get the embryo started out in the best way possible. She also needs to drink lots of water. This will keep her and the embryo hydrated during the period of its initial growth.

One of the next stages of pregnancy development that could cause a problem will be a period in about the second to the fourth month of the pregnancy. The mother’s body will have adjusted to the fetus inside her and will be feeling a contentment and well-being that is good, but she needs to start getting more rest and sleep. She might feel so good, that she wants to engage in a lot of activity. Much of this can be beneficial to both the mother and the baby, but others may worry. It is at this time that the mother might want to discuss the activity with her doctor, just to make sure she isn’t overdoing anything.

All during the stages of pregnancy development, the mother needs to watch her weight gain. She may have experienced some unusual food cravings. She might start believing that since she is “eating for two” she will need to eat a lot more than she usually does. This is not true. The fetus generally will get all the nutrients it needs from the mother’s regular diet. It the mother gains too much weight, the extra weight could cause a problem for the fetus, and it may cause a problem for the mother, especially after the baby’s birth. If the mother has any tendency toward problems like high blood pressure or diabetes, her diet will be especially important during all stages of pregnancy development.

Some women may think that they know enough about pregnancy that they don’t need to worry about anything special during the stages of pregnancy development. A woman can never take the development of a pregnancy for granted. It is always a good idea for her to develop a good relationship with her physician. Those who know her, like her family and her partner, may want to encourage her to get good prenatal care for the sake of both the woman and the baby.

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