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Science Fair Project Ideas on Teen Pregnancy

Science fairs are a forum where children are able to demonstrate their abilities at approaching certain topics from a different point of view compared to the standard classroom lesson. Furthermore, science fairs are places where information can flow from child to child, a highly effective method of transmission, for children can relate to each other often better than to adults. For these reasons coming up with science fair project ideas on teen pregnancy could be an excellent method to teach adolescents about this issue.

One of the many science fair project ideas on teen pregnancy could be to have a poster session using various color-coded world maps. One map could show pregnancy rates, another birth rates, and another abortion rates in countries around the world. Another map could show the socio-economic statistics of countries. A connection could be made then between teenage pregnancy rates and socio-economic characteristics. Yet another map could show whether a country had carry outed abstinence-only programs, sexual education-only programs, or programs that combined the two approaches. A final map could illustrate any change in the teenage pregnancy rates within a certain recent period and a connection could be made as to what types of programs cause (or don’t cause) changes in the teenage pregnancy rate.

Another of the science fair project ideas on teen pregnancy could be to make a movie on teenage pregnancy. This could depict either a fictional situation, where actors and actresses model what happens when a teenage woman gets pregnant, or it could be a documentary-type movie where teenage girls who found themselves experiencing an unwanted pregnancy are interviewed. The latter option is usually the most effective. The best approach would be to get girls who have had varied experiences with teen pregnancy and who each had made slightly different choices as to what to do about it.

Finally, another of the science fair project ideas on teen pregnancy could be the creation of a board game akin to the infamous game “The Game of Life.” The option of becoming pregnant as a teenager could either be added on, so that a direct comparison can be made between those who fall into the trap of teenage pregnancy and those who do not. An equally effective option would be basing your version of the game on the premise that you are a pregnant teenager from the start. Then, the game would be a lesson in all the hard choices that teen mothers have to make and the consequences with which they must live.

These are just some thoughts as to how to approach the topic of teenage pregnancy in a science fair. There are many other science fair project ideas on teen pregnancy out there, the important thing is to discuss the issue and try to get children to fully understand all the consequences of teenage pregnancy in ways they can relate to.

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