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Preventing Miscarriage For Those Who Are High Risk

There’s no certain way to prevent miscarriage undoubtedly but there are several things that can be done to reduce the chance of miscarrying. Some high-risk pregnancies are closely monitored from the doctor or OB GYN to do everything possible to increase the chance of a successful birth.

The reality is that a large majority of pregnancies do end in miscarriage through no fault of the woman carrying the embryo or through no fault of the physician overseeing the pregnancy. Preventing miscarriage can be a daunting task. Sometimes, a miscarriage occurs for no apparent reason while it can often be attributed to factors such as chromosomal abnormalities, maternal age, and problems with the reproductive system of the pregnant female or through lifestyle issues such as drugs or sexually transmitted diseases.

Some clinical trials are being done on medication in the quest of preventing miscarriage and in some scenarios a low dose of aspirin is said to help as well. Also, cervical cerclage is sometimes used when a woman has an incompetent cervix. A cervical cerclage can help in preventing miscarriage because a cerclage is essentially a sewing of the bottom of the cervix so that it does not dilate under the weight of the pregnancy. Once a cervix is opened, the pregnancy cannot continue so a cerclage in the quest of preventing miscarriage is sometimes performed for high-risk women known to have an incompetent cervix.

Miscarriage is a difficult aspect of life. There are websites that list natural products that can help in preventing miscarriage as well as determine reasons that cause it in the first place. While more than half of all miscarriages are related to genetic abnormalities, all avenues need to be explored if you have suffered recurring miscarriages, especially three or more.

Some treatment options can be given prior to your conception that can help improve your ability to overcome problems that can interfere with the success of your first trimester of pregnancy, where the vast majority of miscarriages occur. While some factors depend on your overall health, other factors are out of your control. Medical advances continue to look for ways where a couple can successful conceive and carry a pregnancy to full term.

If you have suffered previous loss, it can be difficult to relax in the early days of a new pregnancy. Many women do suffer a miscarriage and go on to have future healthy pregnancies without any problems whatsoever. Your best course of action is to try to live healthy and take care of yourself and hope for the best.

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