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Looking at Pregnancy Weekly

Although it may not seem like, everything in life is in constant motion. There is no reason to assume that pregnancy would be any different. The truth is pregnancy weekly changes are a part of a healthy, uncomplicated process. It is also a lot of fun to know exactly what the little one is doing during each week. There are many websites designed to give mom to be a peek into the baby’s private world on a constant basis. It is hard enough to wait for the arrival, but a weekly reminder of the progress made can go a long way in making the wait a little easier. Here is a look at one week per trimester to give an idea of how quickly and miraculously things change in the womb.

The first trimester is an exciting time when you consider all the instant changes that take place. The first two tiny cells have already divided thousands of times before the expectant mom is even aware of their existence. At the six week mark the baby already has a heartbeat. While still very small, the baby is growing at a rapid rate at this pregnancy weekly checkpoint. The umbilical cord is developed and in place and the baby’s heart is pumping blood on its own. All of this is incredibly exciting, but you haven’t seen anything yet.

In the second trimester things slow down some for the tired mom to be. Most of the difficult symptoms of early pregnancy are gone and the baby reaches more milestones. Our pregnancy weekly check has us at week 21. While fetal growth slows during this time, other amazing things are happening. The baby is busy with the continued development of his or her tiny legs. At this point they are becoming proportionate with the rest of the body. The heart is also continuing its hard work in becoming stronger to accommodate the greater blood flow and prepare for life outside the womb.

This brings us to week 30, just ten weeks before the arrival. This pregnancy weekly point brings more changes. The baby has gone back to rapid growth, similar to that of the first trimester. The baby can now open and close those beautiful eyes that in a few short weeks will make your heart melt with love. On a more clinical note, the bone marrow is now independently doing its job of producing red blood cells.

Keeping tabs on your pregnancy weekly is a good idea for you and the little one. It helps the new mom to be expecting some of the changes happening to both her and the baby.

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