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Pregnancy: Tell Everyone

The news of your pregnancy spreads far and away at speed of light. There are various ways you can announce that you are pregnant to friends and families and these are worth taking the time to think and prepare for. The announcement of the arrival of a new member in the family is both exciting and joyous occasion for the entire family, especially in the case of your first baby in the house. We have presented a few idea on how to best feel the moment of announcing your childs arrival, but you can use your own imagination and creativity and think of other ideas as well.

To tell the father, it is best to have a candle light romantic dinner just for the two of you. The warm, cosy, and lovely atmosphere will make you fall in love with your partner again and will provide one of the best ways to let him know the news. But be careful not to over do the arrangements as it might backfire if your partner is a spendthrift.

Besides, this might be your last night before the sunrise sickness that will become a routine very soon. Serve the food to him, along with soft words and emotional expressions. You can either tell him straight or use other means like a bib with a couple of babies on it and let him guess. You would not forget the pleasure and love that you will see in his eyes.

If the father is not available right away, probably not in town or busy with other stuff, you can either wait for him to come back or send him a note to let him know about your pregnancy. If you choose the latter option, try sending a package to him with items having predominantly baby photos and related items. These might include a book with baby names, a blue or pink ball pen, a photo of you too in a baby like frame and other stuff. Avoid telling him the news in a straight forward fashion and instead send him the signals that will allow him to make the right guess (please be aware of your partners intellectual capabilities and do not send him something that he can not understand!).

You can also find out how long he takes to figure out that you have got pregnant. Buy some baby stuff and place it in the house at points the father is most likely to encounter them. If he does not get it even then, you can arrange the dinner with a stuffed bear toy along side your partners chair having a large bib wrapped around it that says, Hello Daddy.

To let the family and friends know about your pregnancy, you can wear t-shirts with an appropriate text on it that says it all without you have to say it yourself. If this is the first baby in the family, you should expect quite an excited family gathering around you a number of questions coming your way.

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