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Pregnancy Symptoms By Trimester

Most people are familiar with the common symptoms of pregnancy. Pregnancy symptoms like morning sickness and odd food cravings are often discussed with a touch of humor and confusion. It can be a little disconcerting to suddenly crave bologna if you have hated it for your entire life. However there are pregnancy symptoms that go with each of the three trimesters. Each phase has its own unique and sometimes baffling experiences that are perfectly normal no matter how strange they may be at the time.

As mentioned before, morning sickness and unusual eating preferences are normal in the first trimester. Some other less well-known pregnancy symptoms are common as well. While usually associated with the third trimester, moms in their first trimester often have a need for more frequent urination than ever before. Changes to the breast are another visible change that happens early in pregnancy. The mom to be may experience swelling and sensitivity of her breasts. Often the areola becomes darker as well. Due to the tremendous surge of hormones in this trimester it isn’t unusual for mood swings to become a part of daily life at least for a little while.

Pregnancy symptoms in the second trimester tend to be much different than those in the first few months. It is important to remember that while these symptoms are common they don’t happen to everyone and are usually no cause for alarm. As the baby puts on weight during this trimester so does mom. As long as a healthy diet is being maintained, Mom-to-be shouldn’t worry about each and every calorie and pound. The baby is also becoming more active at this stage. Expectant mothers may also develop what is commonly called “mask of pregnancy.” This is a darkening of pigment on certain areas of the face usually around the eyes. Fortunately this darkening goes away after the baby is born. On the plus side, the second trimester tends to be more comfortable for mom since morning sickness is a thing of the past and heaviness of the third trimester is still in the future.

Some women have reported that labor and delivery was easy after experiencing the third trimester. Hopefully it isn’t as bad as all that, but pregnancy symptoms towards the end can be a challenge. This is where backaches and shortness of breath begin to be an obstacle to comfort. The baby is much larger now and strange protrusions may be seen from the outside on mom’s belly. A new mom’s walk may change to accommodate her growing abdomen. Practice contractions happen in the final run for the roses so to speak, but they are normally relatively painless. Of course, the final symptoms are the beginning of labor and birth of the new arrival.

Pregnancy symptoms vary from woman to woman and pregnancy to pregnancy. No two experiences are ever the same. It is useful to know some of the more common symptoms and how to handle them to have the happiest, healthiest pregnancy possible.

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