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The Importance of Pregnancy Pictures

After the birth of a baby, most excited families will take a flurry of pictures of the new arrival for keepsakes and to preserve precious memories. But the nine months leading up to the joyful events shouldn’t be over looked. Pregnancy pictures can be a wonderful thing to show the child when he or she is old enough to understand the significance of what the photos represent. While that reason is important enough on its own, these pictures are also an invaluable addition to any family photo album. The couple has a record of one of the most special times in their lives and, besides, everyone can have a good-natured laugh at just how enormous with child mom actually became.

Pregnancy pictures can begin as soon as mom knows she is pregnant. Pictures that span the entire nine months are an incredibly accurate account of the pregnancy journey. Family and friends, especially those who live far away will enjoy seeing the changes for themselves with regular picture updates. As the pregnancy progresses it may be fun to experiment with different angles, lighting, and black and white film. Some new moms even hire a professional photographer to take some photos of high quality.

It is impossible to talk about pregnancy pictures without mentioning the first ever photos of the new baby. Of course these are the ultrasound images that many moms are given at around the 20-week mark when many doctors have the test ordered. While doing its job of checking on the baby’s progress and looking for any problems most ultrasound technicians are happy to print out a few of the images as they along for mom. Proud parents are notorious for showing these images off at work, to friends, and some have even shown up in the family holiday card.

Choosing to allow pictures to be taken during the labor and delivery part of pregnancy is a personal decision. Some new moms want every second of this amazing experience recorded, others feel it is a personal time that should be kept private. For those who want that type of pregnancy pictures, one of the best options is to ask dad to take them or maybe her mother or other attendant. Dad may want to be more of a part of the happy drama that surrounds the birth of a child.

Pregnancy pictures are a great way to forever preserve the memories of this special time. They make for wonderful stories in later years and give the child a sense of acceptance from a very early age. Besides who doesn’t want to remember the time they felt they looked like a beach ball with legs?

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