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Pregnancy: Minimizing Stretchmarks

As soon as you hear the news that you are pregnant, you know things will be changed henceforth. This news brings, along with the happiness and joy, a concern and apprehension about the days to follow, especially if this is your first child.

One of the consequences of getting pregnant is that you might (and will) get stretch marks on your body. These marks are due to that your body will stretch during pregnancy days and that leaves red, purple, or transparent marks on various parts of the body.

It is difficult to say with certainty where the marks will appear. They might show up on thighs, buttocks, arms, breasts or stomach. Almost all women get these stretch marks during pregnancy but it is impossible to tell whether, where, and how many of these will develop on your body skin.

There are hundreds of companies selling thousands of products, creams, and lotions to assist in prevention of stretch marks and to remove them once they show up on the body. In addition to using one of these, you can use other home grown tactics to prevent against these marks. It is recommended to keep the skin moist at all times. This would help your skin to stretch without tearing itself. In addition, keep abreast with latest discoveries in the field by keeping in close contact with your medical advisor or doctor.

If you are really serious to get rid of these stretch marks as soon as possible, you need to devise a daily plan for it to happen. Using appropriate creams and lotions that suit your skin, keeping yourself fit and eating healthy are some of the factors that can provide you with a stretch mark-free skin even during pregnancy period. High water intake on daily basis helps a lot.

For women who already have one or more children, the probability of getting more stretch marks is higher. There skins have already stretched and are about to stretch again this time as well without exception. It is best to start using vitamin A and vitamin E during early stages of the pregnancy to make sure that stretch marks do not form or at least are minimized.

Although it should be kept in mind that you can not do much about these and hence, there is no need to worry too much. The most you can do is to take good diet, keep yourself healthy and use the ointments after consulting with your doctor and trying them out to see their effect on your skin before using them for longer periods of time.

The best thing about the stretch marks though, is that they keep reminding you after the pregnancy about the beautiful days you spent with your child inside you. This is one of the greatest feeling a mom can have each time she looks at her son or daughter even after years. So, do not be too alarmed with the stretch marks, these are with you since the time you felt the best pain in the world.

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