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Pregnancy: Getting Back To Weight

All women put on extra weight during the pregnancy period and this continues even after the delivery of the child. This becomes a concern for women who want to relive the moments when they were smart and want to let go of the additional 15 to 30 pounds they have put on during their pregnancy periods.

In order to get back to pre-pregnancy stage, a formal workout program is needed to be followed strictly. Regular work outs after pregnancy help to get rid of the extra fats the body has gained by burning them through regular exercises. These are also important for the women to stay fit and healthy to take care of their baby, home and family.

It is recommended to start to work out six weeks after delivery. This is recommended to let the body take the needed rest. In this intermediate period, women can gradually start light exercises like walking and deep breathing. These are helpful in enhancing womens stamina that is critically needed to take care of the infant.

It must be remembered that weight loss after the pregnancy period is a gradual phenomenon and does not happen overnight. You need to be consistent and dedicated to the work outs and other exercises if you want to really lose some pounds and get back to the old you. The usual process takes around 7 to 9 months after the end of pregnancy period to get back to old form. The process can be expedited though, using appropriate diet and taking care of oneself.

It is generally advisable to feed the baby before the work out instead of after it. This is because the feeding process relaxes the breasts, and makes them lighter. This would help in the work out process. One disadvantage of doing it after the work out is that it might increase the quantity of lactic acid in breast milk which the baby might not like.
In order to carefully develop your work out schedule, consult your doctor for advice. In addition, try not to strain any muscle by doing complex exercises, keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water, appropriate diet must be taken to make sure the body gets all the needed nutrition.

Another critical area is to keep your self happy and involved after the pregnancy period. Sadness may spoil your attitude and this together with the excess pounds that you have managed to put on, can work against you.
You can also join a gym to make sure that you get proper advice from experts in your weight losing campaign. Some women prefer to stay at home to take care of their babies. If this is the case with you, you can do basic exercises at home too. Get some DVD’s and use them at your home.

Altogether, you should follow a properly laid down plan to make sure that you get back to the same smart you that you were before the pregnancy period.

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