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Kathy Smith Pregnancy Exercise Videos

American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and Kathy Smith Pregnancy Exercise Videos.

Most people are currently carry outing some form of exercise in their weekly routines, even if it is taking the stairs instead of the elevator, walking the dog, or formal exercise routines involving professional trainers, or taking advantage of the expertise of others, via at home Kathy Smith pregnancy exercise videos. Most people want to continue some form of exercise when they are pregnant, but may be concerned about which exercises are best during pregnancy, which are harmful, and may no longer be able to fit visits to a gym into their busy lives. Kathy Smith Pregnancy Exercise videos follow the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists guidelines. They have been available for some time, and there have been multiple reviews of these videos. A simple online search will provide you with reviews from the developers of the Kathy Smith Pregnancy Exercise Videos, other users, Kathy Smith, and prenatal health care specialists.

The Kathy Smith pregnancy exercise video provides a total body work out, and has a special section showing five different abdominal exercises for both during and after pregnancy exercises. Kathy demonstrates how to modify the exercises for each stage of pregnancy, which is extremely helpful. Kathy Smith Pregnancy exercise videos provide a total-body workout, and a panel of doctors explain general rules of pregnancy exercising. The videos include a series of warm-ups that not only prepare your body for exercise, they can relieve stress anytime!

Users praise the Kathy Smith pregnancy exercise video in spite of that it was made in the eighties, with eighties music, clothing and hair styles. Almost all the users who wrote in commented on the music and styles, with remarks ranging from “cheesy music” to “It was fun, because the music made me laugh,” but even those who didn’t like the music, commented on the quality of the exercises, and made positive comments about the video. Some of the exercises carry out the use of light weights as well.

On the Kathy Smith pregnancy exercise video, an ACE-certified instructor actually does every video, so that every exercise is the actual length of the exercise in the video. There is also a time graph that shows the exact sequence and timing of each segment, so you can do some now, rest, and resume exercising when you are ready.

The most critical users stated that mothers-to-be who’ve been regular exercisers prior to becoming pregnant may not find the routine to be very challenging during early pregnancy, but stated that the most physically fit users will find it incredibly useful past the 34th week of pregnancy. Most users, even those used to regular exercise, state that they feel energized after the workout, and appreciate that the exercises are approved by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, and many have used the Kathy Smith pregnancy exercise videos during multiple pregnancies.

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