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Pregnancy Fitness and Birth

Living a healthy lifestyle and being fit will help your chances of conceiving if you are trying to get pregnant and will also help with the trauma during pregnancy. Fitness is important so that you cope with the extra weight and strain of pregnancy let alone the birth experience. Researchers in the field of pregnancy fitness used to think that being fit would reduce chances of concept but now being fit is better for your health and well being during pregnancy. Keeping fit also reduces the chance of miscarriage but if you have had more than one miscarriage you should consult your doctor before commencing pregnancy fitness programmes.

Pregnant women are at risk of similar injuries to what athletes develop such as muscle injuries as well as back problems like sciatica. Exercises for your posture are ideal to help reduce backache during pregnancy. Fitness regimes that help work your abdominal muscles are also worth following as these will help flatten your tummy after childbirth. Pelvic floor exercises are extremely important as pregnancy puts pressure on these muscles and can cause incontinence or prolapses. Pelvic floor exercises are extremely easy to do, you can practice them at any time of day and no one will know that you are doing them.

Before commencing any type of pregnancy fitness programme you should consult your health practitioner first. While exercising you should take notice of your body to watch for any warning signs that indicate that you are overdoing things. When exercising wear a supportive bra that fits correctly such as a sports bra and also wear supportive trainers. Always take a bottle of water as your body temperature rises during pregnancy. Fitness experts feel that pregnant women should avoid hot stuffy workout areas, as you are more at risk of feeling dizzy or sick.

Avoid any sports that involve jumping or where you could jar yourself. Keep everything low impact and take things slowly. Avoid sports such as horse riding or tennis where you may fall or get hit in the tummy. Exercising during your pregnancy helps your blood pressure stabilize and improves your state of mind. Your blood circulation will improve which can help reduce the chances of developing the all too common piles and varicose veins.

Women who exercise around three to five times a week are more likely to have babies that are born heavier, longer and have a better overall weight and body fat than those born to mums who don’t exercise at all. Babies who are born to more active mothers are likely to be less fussy and more alert which indicates that pregnancy fitness may have caused the babies to have a development boost.

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