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Pregnancy Exercise is Good for You

There is a lot of confusing information about how much pregnancy exercise one should be doing and what you should avoid. Recently people have become more aware that pregnancy exercise is good for you and there has become a high demand for classes such as yoga and aqua aerobics. Women normally gain at least two stone during pregnancy, your muscles and posture will be put under a lot of strain before you go through the exhausting process of childbirth.

During pregnancy it is important to exercise to help keep your spine straight before your back becomes affected by the extra weight, which occurs due to pregnancy. Aqua classes are formed around posture exercises and this pregnancy exercise can be practiced at home. Abdominal and pelvic floor exercises are also important to follow during your pregnancy. Building up your strength and endurance is important for labor, which is why it’s a good idea to take pregnancy exercise classes. You only need to bring yourself and a bottle of water to classes, all the balls and mats are provided. Regular exercise can also reduce the risk of gestational diabetes as lack of exercise is seen as a common factor in sufferers of this condition.

Many aqua classes designed for pregnancy exercise are run by midwives or qualified instructors. It is important to get the go ahead from a health professional before starting exercising as you may have an underlying health problem that could be aggravated by exercise. It is also important to watch out for any warning signs, which could indicate that you are overdoing things such as dizziness or palpitations. Many women who partake in aqua aerobics may feel dizzy after leaving the pool but this is normal due to the difference in air temperature.

Exercises that are taught in pregnancy exercise classes can provide relief and make you feel more comfortable. They can help with common pregnancy problems such as sciatica and pubic symphysis. Some classes that are designed for back pain during pregnancy are taught by physiotherapists. If you have had a caesarian then it is more important to exercise afterwards and you will often be given an exercise sheet to follow after the operation.

After having your baby there are also aqua classes available to help tone up your upper and lower abdominal areas. These also cover your pelvic floor that can be affected easily by childbirth and this will help you get back into pre-pregnancy body shape. You can bring your baby to the classes with you and he/she can lie on beans. You will not be frowned upon if your baby cries during the classes as these are specifically for new moms.

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