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Pregnancy After Miscarriage, An Emotional Journey

Are previous miscarriages making you nervous about getting pregnant or being pregnant? While a miscarriage is a common event, miscarriage is a hard life event to deal with. It’s important to realize that no matter what you did or didn’t do during pregnancy miscarriage is typically not your fault. Pregnancy after a miscarriage can be very emotionally difficult. You may spend a great deal of time being fearful about another miscarriage.

PAM stands for pregnancy after miscarriage. Depending upon the reason for your previous miscarriage, treatment may be available to help you have a successful pregnancy after miscarriage. Most women go on to have a successful pregnancy after miscarriage or even after having more than one. Having three or more consecutive miscarriages will need further evaluation but many women have a miscarriage without even realizing they were pregnant. If you are having trouble becoming pregnant after having a miscarriage, see your doctor. If you are having trouble deciding to again try to become pregnant again, pregnancy after miscarriage is a big decision to make and you may just need more time to heal and grieve your loss.

There is no mandatory grieving period after a pregnancy loss. Every woman heals differently. The father of the baby also needs to heal, as the loss is difficult for everyone. In sudden loss, such as a miscarriage, the emotions can be overwhelming but with time, it will get easier and you will likely find that you want to become intimate again. There are many books and support groups both online and in major cities and towns that can help you overcome your grief and begin to heal.

If you’re fearful of future loss, it’s important to realize that pregnancy after miscarriage is common. Most women do go on to have full term babies that are perfectly healthy. While miscarriage is a way for your body to terminate the pregnancy, it doesn’t mean that you are not meant to carry children.

Many women go on to have more than one child after a miscarriage without any further problems. If you have medical conditions that prevent you from carrying a child to term, there may be medical advances that can help you. It’s important to try to work with your health practitioner to determine the best way to handle your unique situation. Becoming a mother is a joy that you deserve so don’t let a miscarriage shatter your dreams by stopping you from trying again. It’s important that you and your spouse talk openly about what you are both feeling and take your time to grieve and prepare yourself for trying again.

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