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Post Pregnancy Exercise with Your Baby

When you began exercising during your pregnancy, taking things easy was the rule. That’s even more important now after your pregnancy, remember you have a strenuous labor. You should only really start post pregnancy exercise when you feel capable of physical exertion again, particularly after a caesarian section. Most new mothers wait until they have had their six week postpartum checkup, but if you feel ready, then you can start sooner.

An important exercise to work on, which is recommended for all new moms, is pelvic floor exercises. This is essential to avoid incontinence and to keep your vaginal canal in a good shape. These are really easy to carry out and no one can tell you are carrying the exercise out.
If you enjoy walking or have a dog then go for walks with the baby in the pushchair. This is a great form of post pregnancy exercise where both you and the baby get fresh air and plenty of exercise.

There are often post pregnancy exercise classes available in your community. These are a great way to meet new moms and you can even take your baby too. There is a wide choice of post pregnancy exercise to choose from such as Pilates, swimming, yoga and aerobics. Classes such as these are designed to help strengthen your tummy muscles after birth and help you loose those pregnancy pounds. Most women put on around two pounds during their pregnancy and this can hard to lose postnatal wise.

If you don’t have the time to go to classes then try buying a post pregnancy exercise video or DVD. Start things gradually and then build the exercises up. You can buy post pregnancy exercise videos for yoga, Pilates and general exercise/workout videos. These are great because you can choose your own time to workout and you can do as little or as much as you like. Remember to look out for the signs that you may be overdoing things and drink plenty of water, particularly if you are breastfeeding.

When doing a post pregnancy exercise workout, wear a supportive bra, comfortable clothes and trainers. Exercising can help you feel better mentally, and you will have more stamina to cope with motherhood. As you become more fit consider jogging as a form of post pregnancy exercise. There are often little groups of moms who either power walk or jog in your local area. Many moms take their babies along too. Joining post antenatal exercise groups are a great way to socialize for you and your baby. Many groups keep in touch for the rest of their life.

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