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Getting Great Plus Size Maternity Care

Women of all sizes deserve the best maternity care when they become pregnant. This includes larger women, even though there are some health practitioners who don’t provide the same level of treatment to women who need plus size maternity care.

Simply put, bigger women are as human as smaller women and have every right to be treated with care and respect by all health practitioners.

Larger women probably know better than anyone about how their body size affects them and their babies. Part of getting great plus size maternity care means that you’ll want a practitioner who is willing to respect your intuitions about your body and your pregnancy.

This means that if you do gain a few pounds, your health practitioner shouldn’t frown and tell you to watch your weight. While plus size women often don’t gain the same percentage of weight as smaller women, it isn’t uncommon for some weight gain. You are growing a baby after all, and your health care practitioner needs to remember this when providing you with plus size maternity care.

Getting excellent plus size maternity care means that your health care practitioner should touch you gently with respect and consideration, not disgust. You should be treated like an equal with a brain. He or she should also comment on how your belly is growing and that your baby is healthy and happy.

You’ll know that your getting good quality plus size maternity care if your practitioner doesn’t blame your weight as the reason why a heartbeat may be hard to find.

You’ll want to be treated like a unique individual and a patient who counts. You’ll want to make sure your practitioner doesn’t treat you like the national average or “every other fat woman.”

If there are any pregnancy complications, a practitioner who provides good plus size maternity care will not immediately blame the complications on your weight, or treat the complications like a self-fulfilling prophecy. He or she will remember that you love the life growing inside of you as much as any other “average-sized” mother does.

Health care practitioners that provide helpful plus size maternity care should realize that you’re not entering a relationship with them to solve a problem with your body size. The only reason you’re seeing him or her is because you love your baby and want the best treatment possible so that your child will be born healthy and whole.

Those who provide good plus size maternity care should see you as human. They should sympathize with your pregnancy-related pains just like they would with any other woman. Your heavy belly, aching ligaments, and morning sickness are the same as other pregnant women in the world, regardless of your body size.

They should provide the same level of support and assistance they provide any other pregnant woman in their care.

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