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Tips for Planning a Happy, Healthy Pregnancy

Whether you’re planning your pregnancy or already pregnant, you can take steps to make this time a healthy, happy period for you and your child. This article has helpful tips you can use to have the best possible pregnancy.

If you’re at the planning stage before your pregnancy, you can begin to take steps that will help keep you and your future baby healthy. Start a plan to eliminate alcohol, smoking and caffeine before you get pregnant. This is the time to stop habits, such as recreational drug use, that can have harmful side effects on your child. Some pharmaceuticals can be unhealthy to an unborn child. Consult with your physician about your plans to get pregnant and the possible side effects of any medications that you’re taking.

There are many resources available to women today on steps to take to have a healthy pregnancy. Your regular doctor can direct you to reputable online sources, books and CDs. You can attend parent planning classes offered through hospitals and community education departments. It’s important to seek information from a variety of sources so you can confirm the validity of the advice. Your friends and family have your best interest in mind, of course, but they might not have knowledge about the best ways to prepare for the healthiest possible pregnancy. Try to research using several sources so you can be comfortable that the information is reliable.

During your first trimester, you might experience morning sickness. There are several things you can do to help alleviate those symptom, such as eating a few crackers as soon as you get out of bed and taking short naps. You’ll want to drink plenty of water, but try to drink small amounts throughout the day, instead of drinking a large amount at one time.

Your second trimester might prove to be more comfortable for you than the first trimester because the morning sickness will subside. However, you might find that since your body is changing, the clothes you wore before you got pregnant no longer fit. Be prepared for this stage by shopping ahead of time for the clothes you can wear when your waist line starts to expand. Make sure you choose items that are comfortable, don’t restrict your movement, and are attractive. Women today have a wide variety of stylish options, and it’s important that you feel good about the way you look. Enjoy your new shape, and find clothes that will make you look your best.

As you enter your third trimester, you might be approached by complete strangers who seem eager to talk to you about your baby. It’s just human nature for people to reach out, but sometimes, it can feel like they ask questions that are too personal. It’s helpful to realize that this will probably happen so you be prepared for someone behind you in the grocery line wanting to touch your protruding stomach. Depending on the circumstance, you can have a prepared response so you’re not caught in an uncomfortable position.

The more information you can gather about the different phases of your pregnancy, the more happy and healthy you and your child can be. From the time before your pregnancy through the next nine months, and after, the more information you have, the better prepared you will be. Use the advice in this article to help you prepare for a happy, healthy pregnancy.

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