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Planning For A Baby On A Budget

Being pregnant is a wonderful experience, however, anticipating the cost of everything is sure to give you a serious headache if you live on a budget. The following tips are designed to help you plan and prepare for providing for your baby, without spending a fortune!

  1. A wardrobe for the little one. Depending on the season your baby is born and your individual preferences, you may need less clothing for little one than you think. Have plenty of onesies on hand (at least 15) and lots of socks, along with a few pair of pants and either t-shirts or jumpers. Although none of these items are normally fit for hand-me-downs, if you look for basic styles without a lot of fan-fare (like famous cartoon characters and big-name designers) you should be able to find bargain prices on them. Soak or wash quickly when they become soiled for maximum usage time.
  2. Diapers, diapers and still more diapers. The cloth diaper has evolved considerably over the past decade or so and can end up costing you as much as five times less than standard disposables. If you are not so inclined, consider basic generic diapers for your baby, buy in bulk and use as many coupons as you can get your hands on. Some extra sensitive little bottoms may be allergic to the materials in certain diapers, in which case even more economic scrutiny may be in order.
  3. The sleeping arrangement. Fortunately for the budget-conscious mom to be, cribs are built to last, so finding a gently used model at a great price won’t be too difficult. Be absolutely certain to inspect your prospective crib for wear and tear, damage or possible malfunctions. Also, do an online search to make sure it is still supported by the manufacturer and not under any recall. Used items nearly always fly under the radar of government and industry recalls, leaving it entirely up to you to investigate.
  4. A stroller. A brand new stroller can be a major expense for an expectant family, however, many moms don’t give them a lot of use and quickly look to give them away or sell them very cheaply. Keep your eyes peeled for bargains on high-end, highly functional models. With diligence and a little luck, you could land yourself a very stylish little stroller for you and your baby’s walking adventures.
  5. Sustenance. The most nutritious thing your baby could possibly get also happens to be free: your milk. Do everything within your power to breast-feed and you will be providing him or her with all the essentials for development and immunity. If for some reason you can’t nurse, ask your physician what the best formula will be for your little one and again, hunt down all the coupons you can to save the most money.

Despite all the joys of pregnancy and motherhood, it will unquestionably be a very expensive experience. With a little planning and a lot of scrutinizing, you can give your baby everything he or she needs and still keep a little coinage in the piggy bank!

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