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Fear Of Painful Childbirth

A painful childbirth is a fear of many women. Many people joke that only a woman could bear the pain of delivering children, those women have the pain threshold for it. This can be scary when you’ve never faced that pain and don’t know what to expect. Fear of the unknown can be the most frightening part of the childhood process so knowledge is your best weapon against that fear. Learn everything you can about what your body will go through during pregnancy as well as childbirth. Although the potential for a painful childbirth is certainly possible, there are ways to avoid pain through use of medication as well as pain management techniques if you prefer a natural childbirth.

One popular saying goes that a woman will forget the painful childbirth as soon as she looks into her baby’s eyes. If you are concerned about pain during childbirth, you can find out a lot of information about pain management. Lamaze techniques can deal with pain management and most areas have Lamaze classes for women to take during their third trimester of pregnancy.

If you are worried about having a painful childbirth to the point that you are fearful of pregnancy or are plagued with such worries that you are having trouble enjoying your pregnancy, it’s a good idea to speak with your doctor. You need to know what pain medications and techniques will be available for you during labor to ease your mind and reduce your stress.

Some women elect to have an epidural during their labor and childbirth, which numbs your body from the waist down. You can feel some sensation but pain is largely diminished and even eliminated. Other medications such as Demerol can be given during childbirth as well. Some women have Epimorph during their delivery, as in a cesarean section to help them with pain after childbirth. In an Epimorph, Morphine is used in conjunction with the Epidural to provide pain relief without the grogginess associated with regular morphine injections.

If painful childbirth fears are plaguing you, it’s important to read birth stories, obtain information and talk to other women about your expectations. Every woman is different. She will have different a different pain threshold than another woman and different pain management techniques. A painful childbirth, if it occurs will not be with you indefinitely. When it is over, you will have a beautiful baby of your own to show for your efforts. Having spousal support during childbirth can help as well as learning relaxation and pain management techniques. Talk to your doctor or midwife about your fears so that they can help you feel as comfortable during your labor as possible.

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