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Relieving Back Pain during Pregnancy

Women often complain of back pain during pregnancy, which is not surprising with the additional weight of the growing baby. As the pregnancy develops, the expectant mother starts to walk in a different way and this also affects the back. While it is normal to experience back pain during pregnancy, you do not have to endure it because there are many ways of treatment and even prevention.

Steps to reduce back pain during pregnancy

As your belly grows, your body’s center of gravity moves forward. That is why as you try your best not to fall forward, your back muscles may become strained. Maintaining good posture is the first step to prevent back pain during pregnancy.

Avoid lifting heavy objects and sudden stretching movements. Do not reach high over the head. When you need to lift a small item, squat down first and then lift as you stand up. Do not bend over to pick up the object and lift with the force on your back.

You should also be careful with your movements whenever you sit or stand. Choose a seat that will support your back. It is ideal if you can elevate your feet a little when you sit. Do not stand for long periods to reduce the strain in your back. It is also important to wear the right shoes low-heeled with good support of the foot arch and the right clothing. Make sure the maternity pants you are wearing has a low waistband that offers good support. You can also use a support belt designed for pregnant women.

Sleeping on your side is recommended instead of sleeping on your back. It may help to bend one or both knees. Placing a full-length pillow between the knees and also under the abdomen may also relieve back pain during pregnancy.

Heat or cold applications on the back can relieve pain. Some find relief when soaking in a warm bath or using a heating pad. Others alternate cold compress with heat to relieve back during pregnancy. A back rub is one of the most effective ways to get rid of back pain so ask your partner to give you one.

Exercising regularly will not only keep you healthy but will also strengthen your back muscles and relieve back pain during pregnancy. Do moderate and low-impact exercises with the approval of your doctor such as walking, swimming, or using a stationary bike.

Although back pain during pregnancy is very common, you should not dismiss it and simply bear the pain. Be aware of signs of complications of pregnancy associated with back pain such as sudden low back pain, which can signal preterm labor. Also, intense back pain accompanied with vaginal discharge or bleeding may also be indications of an underlying pregnancy problem. If you suspect your back pain is not normal, consult your doctor immediately.

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