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A New Age: Online Pregnancy Test

It is true that we are living in the information age. Even spending just a bit of time online makes it obvious that information can be found on any topic under the sun and some that are above it. This is true for parenting, childbirth, and pregnancy questions as well. When most people think about what they would do if they thought they were pregnant, the answer usually isn’t going online to find out. But there are some websites relating to pregnancy that have formulated different versions of an online pregnancy test. By asking the user a series of questions the test gives results based on the probability of pregnancy.

The online pregnancy test typically starts out with general questions. For example, it may ask your age, normal length of your cycle since it can change by a few days from woman to woman, and the first day of your last period. Some will even ask for a suspected date of conception. There may be questions relating to any sexual intercourse in the week around that date. They are all designed to help the program provide a good probability estimate.

Next comes the request for information about any symptoms you may be experiencing. You will be asked to check boxes associated with different typical pregnancy symptoms. The online pregnancy test will ask about nausea, unexplained sensitivity to certain smells, and more frequent urination. Other pregnancy symptoms like fatigue, feeling bloated, and sore breasts are included as well. All of these items are important in determining the likelihood of pregnancy.

There are other medical conditions that can partially mimic pregnancy. To counteract the possibility of symptoms being non-pregnancy related the online pregnancy test also asks questions related to your current stress levels and weight issues. It may ask if you are above or under weight for your height. They aren’t meant to be embarrassing, they are intended to paint an accurate pregnancy picture.

The final set of questions on an online pregnancy test relate to contraception use. A variety of different birth control methods are listed to choose from. Of course, the option of none is available as well. Some methods are more effective than others and will have bearing on the results of the test.

It is important to remember that an online pregnancy test is designed to provide probability, not an accurate pregnancy result. If you receive a result that indicates pregnancy is possible, the best idea is to take a home pregnancy test or go ahead and schedule a visit with your doctor who can provide the most accurate pregnancy results.

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