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Myths of the Odds of Getting Pregnant

Life is a series of gambles. Which school should I choose? Is this the right career for me? We all face them everyday, but once you have made the decision to share your life with someone and make the natural progression to parenthood, the odds of getting pregnant become more important. There are many myths and stories besides just having intercourse that are supposed to help even the pregnancy odds. Some are based in truth and others have been debunked as well bunk. Here are some examples of helpful odds equalizers and not so helpful ones.

First tip on getting pregnant relates to having sex on certain days of the month. This one is true and greatly stack the odds of getting pregnant in your favor. Ovulation is the only time of the month when conception is possible and knowing when you are at your most fertile is the best way to time intercourse. An ovulation kit, predictor, or calendars are the best methods for determining your unique cycle. It may take a few months to the hang of using these products, but once you have your timing right, things can’t help but happen.

Another myth that is often heard about the odds of getting pregnant is that having sex in the morning increases the chances of conception. It is true that men have a higher sperm count in the early part of the day, however most experts contend that the difference isn’t high enough to make a difference in conception. The conception process can’t happen if intercourse isn’t involved, so make love when the mood strikes the two of you. Whether that is in the A.M. hours or sometime later.

Is it true that certain positions post sex help even the odds of getting pregnant? This one kind of has a yes and no answer. While there isn’t any medical evidence that supports it, many couples struggling with fertility have tried this and swear that it worked. After intercourse, some people say the woman should lie with her legs slightly raised to help the sperm more easily get to the egg. No one is sure if this actually works, but it does relax the muscles of the vagina and cervix and may help the sperm find the finish line.

In reality, the odds of getting pregnant are high for the general healthy couple. It is a matter of timing and patience. Experts recommend making time for each other and having sex because it is pleasurable while trying to conceive. The more relaxed atmosphere is more conductive to baby success than every moment surrounding trying to conceive.

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