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A New Member Entering The Family

When you’re pregnant with your second child, your first child will likely express a range of emotions. He or she might be excited, nervous, concerned, angry or anxious. Helping a child work through these emotions is part of parenting, and it will lead to a better relationship between siblings. Explaining the pregnancy to your child is a great way to get started. Here are some things that other women have found helpful during this exciting time in life.

When you find out you are pregnant with a new baby, you might feel anxious and want to tell your current child right away. While there is no harm in sharing this wonderful information with your child, it is sometimes beneficial to wait a bit. The first six weeks of pregnancy are considered to be the riskiest part of the pregnancy, and most mothers who lose a baby will do so during that period. While there is a very good chance that you will not miscarry, waiting to tell your child until after the first six weeks might be best. Should you miscarry during this delicate time, it might be easier on you if you do not have to explain the loss to your current child. It also might be less confusing for your child. Once you feel safe and secure in the pregnancy, it is a great time to have a conversation with your child.

Another thing that mothers often express concern over is dealing with their current child while they are pregnant. Pregnant women sometimes have low energy levels, must deal with morning sickness and have to take a lot of time to care for their own bodies and their unborn child. This can sometimes take time away from their current child. While you must take some time to care for yourself during this special time, do all that you can to spend time with your current child too. Make the activities less physical, like reading books, helping with an art project or spending time together watching a family movie. You should also consider bringing in care to help with the child during the day or during times when energy levels are low. Making time for your child and making sure her emotional and physical needs are met is important, and it can help to keep your child from resenting the unborn baby.

In addition to caring for your child, you might hear a lot of questions about what is happening to your body and with the baby you are carrying. Explain things to your child in an age appropriate way. Use visual aids, age appropriate books, videos and the assistance of medical experts. Take your child to doctors appointments from time to time and allow him to ask questions or view sonograms. Answering some of these questions will help to put your child’s mind at ease and it will get your child excited about the new baby.

A new baby is an exciting time for the entire family. To help make things exciting for the child already in your home, make an effort to spend time with him or her and answer questions honestly This is a great way to get the siblings to connect before birth even happens and help your child to understand this amazing time in life.

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