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What is Motherhood Maternity?

The words Motherhood Maternity seem to be a bit redundant since one of the dictionary explanations of the meaning of maternity is motherhood. This is probably why the only time you’ll see the two words together is in reference to the store that promises to provide an assortment of clothing “for the fashionable mother-to-be.”

Motherhood Maternity claims to dress more than two million new moms-to-be every year. There are over 700 locations of Motherhood Maternity stores in the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico. The chain prides itself in providing clothing for pregnant women at amazingly low prices and offering thousands of ways to look great.

Motherhood Maternity suggests that when buying maternity clothes, you should always buy your pre-pregnancy size. Maternity hosiery is usually sized by the weight you were before you got pregnant, combined with your height.

The company provides four belly styles that are used for pants, shorts, and skirts.

  1. Under belly
  2. No belly
  3. All around belly
  4. Mid belly

Under belly styles features a wide elastic band that contours the belly. It fits under the belly and helps support the belly. Motherhood Maternity says this style is contemporary and comfortable.

No belly styles have no panel at the waist. They look just like non-maternity jeans often with buttons, a zipper, and belt loops. The waist expands with a discreet hidden adjustable back elastic.

All around belly styles are the full coverage styles of old. These styles have the large elastic panel in the front that provides all over coverage and maximum comfort through your entire pregnancy.

Mid belly styles have full panels that provides moderate coverage. The waist is adjusted with a drawstring. This style is great for late pregnancy.

The store also has pant lengths to suit any woman of any height. The pant lengths they offer include capri, crop, full length, Bermuda, and petite/short.

Motherhood Maternity offers all sorts of styles of maternity clothing. They have apparel for social occasions. They sell shirts, pants, skirts, pregnancy lingerie, T-shirts, sweaters, jackets, workout clothes, dresses, career collections, swimwear, sleepwear, and denim. The company also sells plus size maternity fashions and clothes to carry you through nursing.

If you’re pregnant for the first time and not sure what to buy for your maternity wardrobe, Motherhood Maternity has a starter kit that will provide you with all the basics you need to dress yourself with as your belly grow.

The Motherhood Maternity starter kit includes two pants, four styles of shirts (buy as many as you want), a sleeping bra, underwear, a tummy sleeve to help your bottoms fit better, and cocoa butter massage lotion to help with stretch marks and itching.

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