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Morning Sickness Advice On Dealing With The Nausea

So, your pregnant and most likely you found out because you had been feeling queezy and ill for a few days. You go to the doctor and he says that it is not the flu and that you are pregnant. Morning sickness is not going to go anywhere anytime soon. In fact, there are some women who experience it for the entire nine months of pregnancy. Below, you will find some great advice about how to deal with the nausea associated with morning sickness.

It is time to trade in that chocolate stash in your night stand for a cracker stash. Each morning, before you even put your feet on the floor, snack on a few crackers. Sometimes, just putting something solid in your stomach before standing upright will help reduce that yucky feeling you get when you get up.

Sugar, meat and greasy foods are not going to help how you feel. Try to avoid these kinds of foods and opt for dry, salty foods. Whole grain toast, wheat crackers and foods of the sort will likely be your best bet when you are feeling your worst.

Naps during the day will help reduce the not-so-good feeling you have. Again, eat a few crackers before you get up to prevent getting that sick feeling again. Getting an adequate amount of rest is not only good for helping with morning sickness, it is good for you and your baby.

Smells are a big trigger for morning sickness. Try to avoid smells that you know have triggered nausea in the past. Try to fill your home with citrus smells and the smell of green apples. These smells have been known to cover up many other bad smells and fill the home with a smell that a pregnant woman can handle.

Ginger ale and ginger root should be included in your diet. Ginger is a well-known natural way to treat nausea. If you choose to drink ginger ale, you may want to allow it to go a little flat before you drink it. The carbonation could cause you some problems.

You can never get enough water during the day and night. Keep a large cup of water with you at all times. You are likely going to be vomiting often and that could quickly cause you to become dehydrated. If you become dehydrated, you will probably end up in the hospital getting hydrated by IV.

Do not take your prenatal vitamins in the morning. Even though morning sickness can last all day long, it is commonly at its worst in the morning. Try to wait until you feel well and then take it with a tall glass of water. Avoid eating anything other than toast or crackers immediately after you take the pill. Also, avoid taking it on an empty stomach. If you continue to have problems keeping you vitamins down, talk with your doctor about changing the kind of vitamin you are taking.

Morning sickness can honestly make pregnancy miserable. Use the advice from above to help alleviate some of the symptoms so you can enjoy this wonderful time in your life.

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