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Miscarriage Symptoms and Concerns

Most women are very nervous about their pregnancy in the first trimester. That first twelve weeks of gestation, where a woman knows that she has the potential to lose the pregnancy can be nerve wracking. Many women choose to keep their pregnancies secret until they pass the twelve week mark when chances of a miscarriage drop drastically. Once a woman gets into her second trimester, she can often feel more at ease about the diminished risks.

Miscarriage symptoms can be frightening. While some miscarriage symptoms don’t necessarily mean there is definitely going undoubtedly to be a miscarriage, symptoms do come about that should not be ignored. If you are having any symptoms, you should seek care immediately.

If you are having any bleeding at any time in your pregnancy, do consult a physician. Not all bleeding results in miscarriage but miscarriage symptoms do include bleeding. Other miscarriage symptoms include heavy cramping. When heavy cramping is accompanied with or without vaginal bleeding a doctor should be consulted or a visit should be made to your hospital’s emergency room.

What does a doctor do if you have miscarriage symptoms?

When visiting a doctor with miscarriage symptoms, the doctor will likely do a blood test to check for your HCG levels as well as to schedule an ultrasound to determine the status of the fetus or embryo. HCG levels tend to rise throughout the early stages of pregnancy so this test can often help determine if a miscarriage is occurring. Depending upon the stage of your pregnancy, the doctor may do an internal examination. If your cervix is open, then unfortunately a miscarriage has either already occurred or is inevitable. If the cervix is closed but you do have bleeding and cramping with a present heartbeat the doctor may tell you that you are having a threatened abortion.

The potential of a miscarriage is very frightening and can be emotionally difficult. While not all miscarriage symptoms result in a miscarriage, the possibility of loss of a pregnancy can be frightening. While waiting for the results, try to remain as calm as you can. Having moral support from loved ones is very important. A high percentage of women do have vaginal bleeding and other miscarriage symptoms and still go on to have healthy babies. That said, if you do suffer the loss of a miscarriage, it’s important to realize that miscarriages often happen for no known reason and that you should not blame yourself. Many women who suffer this loss go on to have future healthy babies. It’s important when suffering the loss of a pregnancy to take time to grieve and heal. If you are at a stage where you are not sure if you are in the midst of miscarrying your pregnancy, you should seek professional medical care immediately.

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