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Miscarriage Support Can Come in Many Forms

If you are getting over a pregnancy loss, you may need miscarriage support for both the physical and emotional effects of the experience. Miscarriage support can take many different forms, including professional help, talking about the problem, becoming informed about what a miscarriage is, books, support groups, journaling, and online forums.

Books are a great source for miscarriage support and information. Many books can help you learn exactly what a miscarriage is and causes of pregnancy loss, as well as provide guidance about your emotional health. As a pregnancy loss resource, books are easily available and are also a great resource for learning about other women’s experiences and feelings in regards to miscarriage.

Another place to receive miscarriage support from women who have experienced a similar loss as your own are online forums. Online discussion groups can help you talk about the miscarriage, hear how other women are coping and share your feelings. Also, try checking locally for support groups or counseling in your community.

A source of comfort and miscarriage support for many women and couples involves remembering the lost baby. This serves as a way to grieve, explore your emotions, and ease your mind by bringing closure to the situation. Following are some ways to remember your baby:

  • Give the baby a name – if this feels right to you then do not hesitate to name your lost child, even if you do not know the gender.
  • Hold a memorial service – by holding a service you can bring closure and share your loss with friends and family.
  • Send out announcements – this is a way to let your loss known to others without having to explain the situation numerous times.
  • Save or buy something special – having a reminder of the experience such as ultrasound photos or purchasing a small memento to keep nearby will help you to keep the memory.
  • Make a donation – giving is a great way to heal emotional wounds, and the hospital is a great place to make donations.

If you are serving as a source of miscarriage support for a loved one that has suffered a pregnancy loss, this is a time that you can be very helpful. One of the best ways to be of support is to simply listen. Make it clear that you are there to listen and provide support, but be careful to avoid sensitive topics or phrases. For example, you do not want to say something such as there will always be another chance for a baby. Another way you can give miscarriage support is to make a present of a journal and encourage the woman or couple to talk about the miscarriage and get their emotions out in words.

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