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The Facts of Getting Pregnant After Miscarriage

There are few events that are more misunderstood and more heartbreaking than miscarriage. That type of loss is devastating to the parents emotionally and physically damaging to the mother. Parents who find themselves in this position may be met with insensitivity from family and friends who believe it would be better to just go on with life and make inappropriate comments about not actually knowing the child. It isn’t unusual for a couple that has suffered this loss to be interested in getting pregnant after miscarriage. It certainly isn’t an impossible dream. Factors like timing, being emotionally ready, and having the support of loved are important.

Timing is crucial when attempting getting pregnant after a miscarriage. The mother needs to give her body the time it needs to physically heal from the trauma of losing the baby. If she gets pregnant again too soon, the risk of another miscarriage is higher. Most doctors suggest having at least two or three normal monthly cycles before trying again. The uterus and endometrial lining have to be strong and healthy to sustain a pregnancy to term. Some experts recommend waiting six months to a year for not only physical healing, but emotional.

In terms of being emotionally ready, only the woman and her partner can decide when the time is right. It is important to be aware that getting pregnant after miscarriage can’t and won’t replace the baby that was lost. It can be beneficial to have a joyful event to focus your attention on though. If the first miscarriage was caused by a medical condition, parents trying again will want to be sure to have any preventative measures that can be made done before conceiving again.

Couples attempting getting pregnant after miscarriage may encounter a deluge of conflicting reactions from friends and family. Some may be fully supportive and comforting during the process. Others may strongly suggest waiting longer or not attempting conception again. The couple would be wise to realize that they are only trying to spare them any further pain and only want the best for them even if their solution sounds heartless. Regardless of outside influence, the couple is the only people who can make the final decision.

The odds of getting pregnant after miscarriage are actually very high. 85% of women who have suffered one miscarriage go on to have happy, healthy pregnancies. In the cases of women who have lost more than one baby, the success rate is around 75%. High quality prenatal care will go a long way in ensuring the likelihood of a healthy baby. Couples who feel they are ready stand a good chance of making the parenthood dream come true.

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