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Dealing with a Miscarriage: Having Another Baby

Most new mothers start worrying about their babies even before they become pregnant. The decision to start a family brings new anxieties and new joys from the very start. However, if you have had a miscarriage, you are likely to have even more anxiety when you think about trying again. The tips in this article will help you deal with the stress that comes with pregnancy after you miscarry. Just because you miscarry once does not mean that your dream of having a child is over.

Meditation is one of the best ways to deal with stress. However, you don’t always have time to unroll your yoga mat and sit down for an hour of deep thought when stress comes. This is when you want to have a mantra ready in your mind to use. A mantra is a short sentence or phrase that you use to calm yourself down, or to encourage yourself when you are feeling a bit blue. This might be a line from a poem, it might be a sentence or phrase that your grandmother always said when you were little, or it might be a Bible verse. Either way, if you have this mantra in your memory, then you can recall it when the stress hits. By just saying it over and over, you can help yourself calm down when you start to panic. Sitting and wondering if this pregnancy will make it, if you will be able to bring this new baby into the world, will not help you one bit. In fact, it can be counterproductive to sit and worry, because stress is not good for your health and what is bad for you is also bad for your baby.

If you’re worried in the first part of your pregnancy, find a support group in your area. It might feel like no one in the world has been through your experience, but miscarriages are common and that you had one is not your fault. Look online or talk to your friends to find out where a support group meets in your area. Then, go talk to the people in that group and find out how they coped with the early parts of their new pregnancy. That will make the first few weeks and months go more smoothly for you.

Emotional attachment to your new little one is tough, particularly if you’re worried that you might lose another baby. You have to remember, though, that a lot of what we do in life depends on our attitude. If you are willing to let yourself love this new little one, chances are that your pregnancy will go better than if you are forcing yourself to stay aloof.

There are so many emotions that we associate with pregnancy. When one ends with the tragedy of miscarriage, it can seem impossible to recover the optimism that you had with your first pregnancy. However, there are steps you can take to reduce your stress.

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