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What is Mimi Maternity?

Mimi Maternity is a clothing store that promises to provide nice clothing for the “fashion-conscious mother-to-be.”

The company provides all sorts of great maternity clothing styles such as denims, career collections, sweaters, active wear, leggings, outerwear, dresses, special occasion outfits, intimate apparel, swimwear, tops and tees, casual skirts, and casual bottoms. Mimi Maternity also has a line of nursing clothing.

For the pregnant woman who likes to do Yoga, the store also has an extensive yoga collection. The yoga collection includes yoga v pants, crop tanks, and yoga tops with built in shelf bras. Although the tops feature built-in shelf bras, you may still want to wear a sports bra underneath your top to help support your larger-than-normal breasts.

Mimi Maternity also offers a nice selection of yoga accessories such as yoga exercise DVD’s for pregnant women, yoga mats, yoga straps, and balancing balls.

Mimi Maternity bottoms come in seven belly styles:

  1. No belly
  2. Under belly
  3. Mid-belly
  4. All-around belly
  5. Classic belly
  6. Miracle belly
  7. Pull on belly

No belly styles are made to resemble your pre-pregnancy pants. They are constructed with a waistband and a zip fly, but the back is elastic for stretch and comfort. They’re a great style for transitioning into and out of pregnancy.

Under belly styles feature a small cotton spandex panel with a wide elastic band for maximum comfort. These styles are designed to fit under your belly and are a great style for transitioning into and out of pregnancy.

Mid belly styles also have a cotton spandex panel that’s a little larger than the under belly styles. Mid belly styles have a drawstring in the cotton panel to allow for an adjustable waist. The style is meant to sit at or below the belly button and works well throughout your entire pregnancy.

All-around belly styles have a large cotton spandex belly that sits above the belly button for maximum comfort. The cotton belly wraps around your entire waist. This style is great for your entire pregnancy, but may be the most comfortable to wear during your third trimester.

Mimi Maternity’s classic belly styles are like traditional maternity styles with a full coverage cotton spandex belly in the front that sits above the belly button. This style offers great support and coverage. Many women prefer this style towards the end of their pregnancies.

Miracle belly styles feature a constructed waist with zip fly and a side panel that unzips for two more inches of growth. Mimi Maternity suggests you wear this style as you transition in and out of your pregnancy.

The final belly style provided by Mimi Maternity is the pull on belly style that the company suggests you wear full-term for optimal comfort. The pull on belly style has an elastic waist with drawstring pull or a fold over waistband created for the perfect fit. This design is meant to sit at or above the belly button.

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