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Choosing Flattering Maternity Wedding Dresses

Long gone are the days when being a pregnant bride was something so disgraceful that it had to carefully hidden. In fact, some statistics suggest that as many as one in five brides in the United States are pregnant on their wedding days. No wonder more and more companies are catering to the needs of pregnant brides by designing stylish and flattering maternity wedding dresses.

Companies are beginning to realize that just because you are pregnant doesn’t mean your styles or the quality of your wedding attire should change. Just because you’re a pregnant bride doesn’t mean your wedding is any less special to you than the wedding of a non-pregnant bride.

Nowadays, maternity wedding dresses, just like regular wedding dresses, can be described with the 4 S’s: Sexy, Stylish, Sensual, and Sensational. Wedding dresses for expectant mothers are now beautifully designed and sometimes custom tailored. They come in all range of prices from affordable to outrageously expensive.

You can be assured that modern maternity wedding dresses are not boring or lifeless. Most are stylish, daring and fun, while still remaining comfortable. After all, with pregnancy, comfort in clothing is a big deal.

There are many styles of maternity wedding dresses so you won’t have a problem finding one that will compliment you body type and your new curves. Combine a delightfully stylish wedding gown with your new baby bump, your glowing skin, and your excitement, you’ll bring a whole new meaning to the term “glowing bride.”

When buying your wedding gown, especially if your wedding is a month or more away, you need to choose a style that will take into account your changing shape. During pregnancy your body will expand in ways you never thought possible, and you’ll want your maternity wedding dress to still fit on the big day.

Try buying one size up and have a reliable dressmaker on hand for any last minute alterations. If you want to hide your pregnancy, one size up will cover your bump as well as a big bouquet.

Many maternity wedding dresses are designed to show off your new curves. Some focus on the shoulders or the bust. So if you have great shoulders or are especially proud of your breasts, choose a style that shows them off. (A word of caution about displaying your breasts. A little cleavage is okay. Looking like you’re about to fall out of your dress isn’t.)

Popular wedding gown styles for pregnant brides include empire lines, princess lines, or A-line dresses. These styles flare from the bust and leave room for your growing belly. Sometimes a chiffon overlay can be added to soften the lines of your dress.

No matter which style of maternity wedding dress you pick, remember that the back view is as important as the front. During the ceremony you will have your back to everyone so you’re going to want it to look good.

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