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Tips for Perfect Maternity Portraits

Congratulations on your pregnancy! This is a happy time in your life that only lasts a short while even though some days may seem like an eternity. So why not make permanent memories and take advantage of your ripe, pregnant silhouette with some beautifully done maternity portraits?

Done properly, professional maternity portraits will create a special memory for you and your baby.

To make sure you have the best pregnancy picture possible, you need to make sure you select the right photographer. You’ll want to choose a pro who makes you feel comfortable. This is especially important since most maternity portraits are done in the nude or semi-nude to get the best shot of your belly. If you’re uncomfortable with your photographer, it’ll show up in your pictures.

A photographer is only as good as his or her past work. Make sure you see portfolios so that you can determine if the photographer’s style matches your own. Also ask your photographer what a typical maternity portrait session involves. Some prefer to work in their studios, others are willing to come to your home.

Find out how long the session will last so that you can set aside an appropriate amount of time. Your photo session should be quiet and relaxing, and you don’t want to be worrying about what you need to do next. Any type of tension will show up in your photos.

Naturally pricing is always an important consideration. Don’t be afraid to ask for specifics. Find out what the pricing includes. Let your photographer know exactly what you want so that you will get the type of maternity portraits you want.

When dressing to go to the actual session you want to avoid any type of clothing that will leave a mark or indentation on your skin. This usually means no bra, underwear, or anything elastic around your belly. If your photographer will come to your house, this can be done fairly easily.

Dressing might be more of a challenge if the photographer prefers to work in a studio. You can always wear a loosely fitting dress with no bra or underwear and then make sure you don’t schedule any errands until you’ve had a chance to go home and put on your undergarments.

If you want to wear a favorite robe, color, or outfit in your maternity portrait, be sure to let your photographer know. He or she can’t give you what you want if you don’t communicate!

As far as hair and make-up is concerned, that’s up to your personal preferences. You can get your make-up and professionally done for the photo. But sometimes wearing your hair and make-up in a style that you normally wear will make your maternity portraits look more real and natural.

Above all, relax and have fun.

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