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Modern Maternity Dresses

In the past when a woman became pregnant, it almost seemed as though she was destined for (or cursed with) nine months of wearing ugly, unflattering baggy clothing that was shapeless, uncomfortable, and just plain hideous.

Nowadays a pregnant woman has plenty to choose from. Depending on a woman’s budget, there’s no limit to the choices of maternity clothing available to her when she goes looking for clothes.

Clothes for pregnant women now encompasses almost the entire gaunt of clothes lines. Everything from designer maternity dresses, to leather jackets, to jeans, leggings, skirts, shirts, blazers, hoodies, and even bikinis.

There are formal maternity dresses, maternity dresses with side buttons, and lace and bead maternity dresses. Some designers have gone so far as to create feather woven maternity dresses.

There is so much choice that it’s now a wonderful experience for a pregnant lady to go hunting for a new wardrobe. Any mom-to-be can be secure in the knowledge that there is bound to be nice maternity clothes available that will suit her different moods and fit all social, casual or professional occasions.

Pregnant women who need to go to a formal function can now easily find elegant evening maternity dresses and floor length cocktail gowns. There are also sheath maternity dresses available, bridesmaids dresses for pregnant women, and even maternity dresses in the latest wedding gown styles for the pregnant bride.

As far as maternity dresses are concerned, the sky’s the limit in regards to style. You may, however, be a bit constrained by costs of some of these lovely modern dress styles for pregnant women.

Formal Maternity Dresses

Dresses are especially popular for more formal occasions like holiday dinners, formal meals, and weddings.

Thankfully modern dress styles for pregnant women have evolved to more than simply basic sheaths with empire waists. Formal maternity dresses come in a variety of styles from off the shoulder to strapless to narrow tube-style dresses.

Most fabrics available for women’s standard formal dresses are also available for formal dresses for pregnant women. This means that even pregnant women can have sexy lace dresses with nude underlayers.

Bell sleeves, A-line cuts, sequins, black lace, and georgette fabrics have all become popular and stylish in dresses designed for moms-to-be.

Wedding Dresses for Pregnant Brides

There is also an increase in pregnant brides who need wedding dresses that fit them. Some statistics show that in the United States as high as one in every five brides is pregnant.

So now some companies specialize in nice wedding dresses for pregnant women who could never find a wedding maternity dress to meet their needs.

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