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Maternity Clothes: Keeping it Chic (And Affordable)

You’ve just learned that you have a little one on the way. Your ecstasy at being pregnant, however, gives rise to “fashion fear” when you consider your wardrobe options. After all, maternity clothes have historically been plain and even unattractive. What’s a stylish girl to do when she is in the family way?

Thankfully, the thought of maternity clothes does not have to leave you with a feeling of dread. A number of fashion-forward designers have gone into the mom-to-be wardrobe trade, giving maternity clothes a whole new look. In fact, 2007 promises to be a banner year for clothing options for prospective mothers.

Also, keep in mind that you will not need full-blown maternity clothes during the first few months of your pregnancy. Chances are you can use the tops and skirts you already have—although you may need to buy pants that have more ample room in the waist.

It’s also important that you realize that there is no shame in having a pregnant silhouette. Pregnant Hollywood stars have made bold fashion statements on the red carpet. As a result, it’s no longer considered stylish to hide your pregnancy. The trend is to show off your new, curvier self to your full advantage.

You might, for instance, consider maternity clothes that emphasize the waist, such as baby-doll dresses by the designer Anna Sui. Or you might opt for a yoke dress that puts your silhouette in the best possible light. A number of pregnant women like to indulge in ponchos that emphasize femininity.

And, just because you’re pregnant, don’t think that you have to kiss your jeans goodbye. A number of designers have come up with intriguing maternity jeans lines, including Citizen of Humanity and Seven For Mankind.

If you will be remaining in the workforce during your pregnancy, you might want to consider a maternity suit. Such suits are made from a variety of fabrics and come in a number of different patterns. Just make sure that the suit gives you room to grow during your pregnancy. However, be sure to avoid suits that are too roomy—they’ll end up being more trouble than they’re worth.

Also, be sure to avoid the other extreme of showing too much flesh. Midriff tops and low-cut jeans are considered fashion-backward for the mother-to-be. A number of pregnant women find that modesty is the best policy when it comes to maternity clothes.

If you find the selection of clothes lacking at your local mall, be sure to cruise the World Wide Web. A number of websites cater to fashion-conscious mothers-to-be, offering a range of intriguing styles and colorful patterns.

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