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Tips for Getting the Best Maternity Bras

When a woman is pregnant, her breasts start to get bigger typically around 16 weeks. This is often when your breasts, as they get ready for the baby feeding duties, begin to outgrow your sexy little fashion bras. When your cups begin to runneth over, then it’s time to switch to a maternity bra.

A good support bra when you’re pregnant is essential to help you remain comfortable as well as prevent your breasts from sagging. A maternity bra, or even a nursing bra, will provide you with the level of support that average lingerie just can’t provide.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you can simply buy a larger size in the same bra style. Fashion bras aren’t designed to hold the weight of pregnancy-heavy breasts. And you’ll still end up feeling uncomfortable or having to adjust your bra several times a day. A bigger fashion bra may fit over your enlarged breasts, but won’t provide the necessary support.

It’s a good idea to get yourself properly fitted for a maternity bra by a professional. When shopping for a maternity bra, be prepared to make two, maybe even three, trips. You’ll likely need your first pregnancy bra in your second trimester. But your breasts might grow so much that by the end of the second trimester and again near the end of the third trimester you might need a new maternity bra. Resist the temptation to buy your first bras with room to grow. Poorly fitted bras won’t be comfortable or provide you with the support you need.

Toward the end of your pregnancy, you may want to switch from maternity bras to nursing bras that you can use after your baby is born. Doing this may save you some money.

If you don’t want to get fitted by a professional bra fitter, there are a few things to keep in mind to make sure your maternity bra fits you as it should.

For the band size, measure around your body, just under the arms, with a measuring tape. If the measurement is an uneven number, round up to the next even number for the most comfortable fit.

For the cup size, take a bust measurement, using a measuring tape, around the fullest part of your bust. Don’t take a deep breath, just stand as you normally would. Also, don’t hunch over. Be sure the tape is flat against your back and level all around your body.

Take your time trying on maternity bras. It may take time to find one that’s the perfect fit. If the cup covers your breast with nothing spilling out and no band riding up your back, then you have a good fit.

Consider buying special maternity sleeping bras if your breasts are tender and need support at night.

Be sure to buy at least two or three maternity bras so that you can wash them between uses.

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