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Looking Your Best When You Are Pregnant

Women are always concerned about fashion, and this does not change during pregnancy. Every woman wants to enhance her self image and look her best, and fortunately, during pregnancy she can do just that. Today’s maternity wardrobe is full of options and doesn’t have to break the bank. Here are some ways to look your best when you are expecting.

Stay true to your style: Every woman has a style. For some it might be a conservative look, while others might prefer more of a hippy vibe. Whatever your special style might be, keep it consistent when choosing your maternity wardrobe. Staying with your chosen style can help you feel good in the clothes that you wear, and it might even provide you with some options that can be worn after the baby is born. Don’t change because you think it is how you’re supposed to look, stay true to who you are.

Find A Few Key Pieces: A maternity wardrobe is something that you will probably only wear for nine months of pregnancy and a couple of months after the baby is born. Because of that, it does not make sense to invest in too many pieces. Purchase two or three pairs of casual pants, a couple pairs of work slacks and a little black dress for an evening out. Pair these things with things that might already be in your wardrobe, such as some oversized shirts, sweaters or easy to stretch tank tops. This is a great way to look really good while you are pregnant without breaking the bank. It also leaves you with money to spend after the baby is born.

Don’t forget your undergarments: While investing in a lot of wardrobe pieces is not necessary, it is a good idea to find undergarments that you can feel comfortable. Invest in some 100 percent cotton maternity underpants that offer stretch and will grow with your changing belly. Also consider purchasing two or three high quality bras that can be worn for nursing postpartum. Undergarments can help you to feel good in your clothes, and they are important. Make sure to have enough on hand to get you through your pregnancy.

The value of friends: When looking to buy your maternity wardrobe, do not forget the value of friends and family. Women who are close to you who have been pregnant before might have a great supply of maternity pants and shirts that they are willing to lend you or even give you. This can provide you with some staple pieces that do not cost a fortune. You can either return the items after your pregnancy is complete or share the wealth by passing them on to another pregnant friend.

When you are pregnant, you do not have to limit yourself to oversized dresses and ill fitting sweaters. There are a lot of great ways to look your best when you are carrying your baby. Invest in some quality pieces to help yourself look and feel your best.

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