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The Last Month for an Expectant Father

The baby will soon be here. You might have been scared when you first discovered you were to become a father. At some point, you probably got excited. You likely had ideas about what was going to happen to you and your partner. If you have never experienced a woman’s pregnancy first hand, you have probably been surprised by some of the things you have seen. So, what can you expect for the pregnancy stages in the last month?

In many respects, your lives will stabilize. Your partner is probably over the mood swings and you have become accustomed to odd food cravings. Now, if you haven’t already noticed, you can’t take your partner far without being aware of the location of the bathrooms. In the pregnancy stages last month, the fetus has settled into your partner’s pelvis, getting ready for the trip down the birth canal. That means that the fetus is pressing against its mother’s bladder almost constantly.

As the fetus shifts its position for the birth, it will probably apply a lot of pressure to the expectant mother’s other internal organs and to her spine. If you think about what it would be like to carry a twenty pound box in front of you for several weeks, you might begin to understand why your partner gets so tired so easily and why she can’t get comfortable when she sits or attempts to sleep. If the expectant mother is expecting a multiple birth, her increased weight, the pressure against her back and the lack of a good night’s sleep will explain some of the crankiness and irritability that can be present in the pregnancy stages last month. She might even get upset with you, but do not take this personally.

Your partner may or may not have done some housecleaning and rearranging of furniture in the beginning of the pregnancy. She might go through another such period again in the pregnancy stages last month. The arrival of the baby will be soon. The mother probably knows that she won’t get much chance to prepare or arrange things for the baby after it comes home, so she will do her last minute preparations now, while she has a little time, and while she really doesn’t have the energy to do much else. Her lack of energy might even mean that she will want YOU to do some of the heavier work.

Generally, in the pregnancy stages last month, the fetus is fully grown and only gaining the weight it needs to survive on its own, so very little changes in the mother. The mother is waiting for the grand day she delivers the baby. Then the rest of your new lives begin.

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