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When you Want to Know the Signs of Pregnancy

There are many signs of pregnancy that can help prepare single women and couples for the preparation necessary of bringing a new child into the world. They are very important to know so that one can take early precautions and begin early healthy regimens, i.e. cutting out certain harmful foods and taking healthy vitamin supplements, going to regular doctor appointments to monitor the progression of a pregnancy, all these factors help make sure the successful and healthy delivery of a newborn baby.

Some of the signs of pregnancy are universal affecting almost every woman, while others can occur once and never show up again. Some signs of pregnancy can look very similar to the symptoms most women have suffered from premenstrual and menstrual cycles. Bloating, backaches, fatigue, headaches, swore or tender breasts, cramping and even mood swings are common signs of pregnancy as well as common signs of menstrual symptoms. Some of these symptoms can be due to increased hormone production.

Of course one of the most obvious signs of pregnancy is missing one’s period entirely. Most typically, this is the most accurate indicator and can be confirmed with a home pregnancy test taken at least a week after the missed period. If the test results indicate a positive pregnancy, then the next steps to confirm the pregnancy should be to consult one’s physician. Taking care to act quickly after a period has been missed make sures the best outcome for the entire pregnancy period for reason explained above.

Other signs of pregnancy can be the darkening or enlarging of the areola or the nipple of the breast. Women can also suffer from nausea, an increased sensitivity to smells and increased urination. This can cause women to steer clear from some foods and crave others that they may never have craved before. And the increased urination can often be due to increased intake of foods and fluids that come with new hunger cravings and nutrition needs for the unborn child.

Some women have also felt fetal heart tones and the palpitation of fetal movements which are sure signs of pregnancy. Some women experience changes in their skin, libido, and even an enlargement in their breast size.

It is also possible for some women to not experience any other signs of pregnancy besides a missed period. Some speculate this might be due to an already healthy lifestyle or a regimented closely monitored and healthy pregnancy management. Whatever the true cause is, in any case, hopefully, you are all so lucky or at least in a lesser degree that you only have the more unpleasant signs of pregnancy very few and far between!

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