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The Hippest in Hip Maternity Clothes

If you consider yourself to be a fashion maven, you might wonder if your style will significantly change during your pregnancy. After all, you might have seen a number of maternity outfits that seemed to be the polar opposite of stylish. However, thanks to some hot designers and some cool websites, you can find some truly hip maternity clothes both in stores and on the Internet—if you know where to look.

Let’s begin with a definition of terms: What exactly constitute hip maternity clothes? Here, we define hip as modern, flattering, and stylish—the type of maternity clothing you won’t be ashamed to wear. These can include casual clothes for the home…formal clothes for special occasions…and business attire for the office.

Hip maternity clothes are certainly not cookie-cutter style. They are trendy and avant-guard, and represent some of the most forward-looking fashions around. Whether in the form of jeans, dresses, tops, pajamas, or swimsuits, hip maternity clothes can keep you well-dressed from dawn to dusk.

Blossom Stylish Maternity is a website boutique that specializes in hip maternity clothes. The boutique features some of the best names in maternity jean design, including Citizens of Humanity, Habitual Maternity, and Paige Premium Maternity. Blossom also sells maternity outfits by 2 Chix, Chiarakruzza, Lait, Liz Lange, Momzee, Juliet Dream, Olian, and Meet Me in Miami.

Blossom’s maternity clothes are fitted so that they are particularly figure-flattering. These hip maternity clothes come in high-quality fabrics and a range of intriguing styles. Blossom also offers a wide variety of sizes, from extra small to extra large. In Blossom maternity wear, you’ll feel just as stylish as you did before your pregnancy began.

One of Blossom’s leading brands is Paige Premium Maternity Jeans. These Laurel Canyon/Lagoon Wash jeans are best known for their spectacular fit. It’s the same high-quality that characterizes Paige’s non-maternity jeans. The jeans are considered to be amazingly stylish and a joy to wear. The Laurel Canyon design features a bootleg cut in a dark lagoon wash. This cotton/spandex jean is machine washable and has a 34 inch inseam.

But how do you tell if hip maternity clothes are really right for you? One way is to ask a friend if he or she can picture you in a particular maternity outfit. Certainly, your friend won’t steer you wrong when it comes to style. He or she will be able to tell you if you are taking a positive fashion risk—or a negative one.

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