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Getting Spouses Involved Throughout Your Pregnancy

Now that you are expecting, you may be wishing that your spouse or partner were a bit more integrated into the entire process of pregnancy. Perhaps they have mentioned that they do not feel they are being included in the things you are experiencing. No matter your concern, the following piece is chock full of tips for making sure you walk the journey of pregnancy as a couple.

A great way to include your spouse or partner in some of the most fundamental experiences of your pregnancy is to invite them to attend as many of your prenatal appointments as they can. Not only does this foster a sense of intimacy and closeness between you, your partner and your baby-to-be, it is often quite helpful to have someone along to keep you company, ask questions and encourage you to remain calm during difficult moments.

Never forget the importance of communication with your spouse, particularly during the nine months of pregnancy. Allowing your partner to express their hopes, fears and innermost thoughts about the substantial changes that are about to occur is critical during this special time in your lives. Sharing the emotional experience of impending parenthood is something sure to strengthen your relationship for years to come.

Another great way to embark on the pregnancy journey in unison and solidarity with your spouse or partner is to begin studying a variety of topics relating to parenting. Having advance discussions about the ways you expect to parent your child can be invaluable in terms of preventing painful misunderstandings and miscommunications in the future. Open discourse about parenting styles is vital to creating a happy family, and there is nothing wrong with getting a head start on the conversation.

Never be afraid to be completely honest with your partner about the rigors of pregnancy and the difficult physical and emotional changes that are occurring. Realize that your partner wants to be there to support you through this experience and that letting them know what is going on is a terrific way to build closeness and strengthen the bonds that will ultimately keep your new family together.

One of the most exciting and fun-filled parts of any pregnancy is the process of planning the baby’s nursery, buying clothing, furniture and supplies, and generally preparing a home for your bundle of joy. Do not miss the opportunity to get your spouse as much involved in these tasks as you possibly can. Ask for their input on furniture, color schemes and other aspects of your preparations. Anything you can do to express how much you value their opinion and involvement will only serve to draw you closer together before the baby arrives.

There is no denying that you, as an expectant mother, will necessarily be more heavily impacted by pregnancy than your partner or spouse. Biology has foreordained that outcome. However, by applying the advice and wisdom found above, you can prepare yourself to take all possible steps to make your partner feel they are a vital part of the process.

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