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The Truth of Getting Pregnant After Ovulation

Women who are trying to conceive are constantly told that pregnancy only occurs during ovulation. If this is strictly true, why are so many unplanned babies born to parents who practice the rhythm method for birth control? The answer is that each and every woman and her cycle are different. When the egg is released it can be viable, able to be fertilized, for 12-48 hours. Once again, every woman is different in this regard. Knowing that fact, it is clear to see how getting pregnant after ovulation is possible.

As previously mentioned, ovulation can vary month to month in the same woman’s body. Even with periods you can set a clock by, the exact day of ovulation may be different. Certain factors can delay a normal ovulation schedule. High levels of stress, large amounts of physical activity, and sickness are just a few factors that could cause that egg to make its appearance at an unusual time. While calculating an estimated day of ovulation is helpful in conceiving, it may be useful to have intercourse in the days following to assist in getting pregnant after ovulation.

Another factor that comes in to play in this scenario is the man’s part. Sperm can live up to five days in a woman’s body. This fact can certainly be a deciding element in the possibility of conception in a given month. For example, let’s say a woman ovulated on Tuesday, the couple had sexual intercourse on the Sunday before. Going with the assumption that her egg was still viable, the sperm could easily fertilize it after ovulation actually occurred. While not the most reliable method of procreation, the sperm does play a large part in the potential of getting pregnant after ovulation.

Many women are given the suggestion to have intercourse a few days before and up to the day of ovulation for the best results. Some doctors are now recommending sex before, during, and after ovulation. These experts suggest having sex about three times during the ovulation week. It is still recommended to only have intercourse every other day to give the man’s body time to rebuild the sperm supply. More and more medical professionals are seeing the time period after ovulation as an opportunity to conceive. Since no one can be positive of the exact ovulation date and the length of an egg’s viability, getting pregnant after ovulation is being more widely accepted as possible.

If you and your partner are trying to conceive and for some reason miss having sex during ovulation, don’t give up hope. Relax, get romantic, and be assured getting pregnant after ovulation can happen.

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