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The Truth of Getting Pregnant During Period

It is amazing the sheer number of myths and old wives’ tales that surround conception and pregnancy. Many a baby has been born because the woman or girl thought she couldn’t get pregnant the first time she had sex. Another common pregnancy myth is that dousing after sex either prevents or promotes pregnancy, that one depends on who is telling the story. Then of course, there is the question of the possibility of getting pregnant during period time. This one is a little harder to debunk, as the possibility does indeed exist. In case you were wondering, this is how it works.

Most women have a regular, constant menstrual cycle. For them getting pregnant during period is almost impossible as ovulation occurred roughly fourteen days ago. This is hardly a foolproof birth control choice though. Women with irregular cycles, teenagers, and women in their early twenties tend to have less consistent cycles. Eggs are released at unusual times in cases like this and if a stray egg has began its journey to the uterus, then an unplanned pregnancy can certainly occur. Of course when you factor in the possibility of two eggs being released at once, the chances of getting pregnant during your period is even higher.

Let us not underestimate the man’s part in this process. Sperm can live up to four or five days inside a woman’s body. With the unpredictability of when the egg is released factoring in with his little guys’ amazing capacity of survival chances of pregnancy increase. Though it isn’t necessarily likely to have a risk of getting pregnant during period, it is remotely possible.

Just because getting pregnant during period is improbable doesn’t mean it is impossible. And anyone who doesn’t want to become pregnant should practice birth control to protect against any “surprise” pregnancies. There are birth control methods with up to a 99.9% protection rate and barrier methods like condoms have a high success rate when used correctly.

For those of you who may be trying to conceive your own little bundle of joy, getting pregnant during period time is probably not the best time to try. The best recommendation for you is to determine when your ovulation time is for the best results. Besides, sex during a period is usually not among most women’s favorite times of the month to get romantic. Choose a better time, for you personally, when ovulation is occurring, and try to conceive at that time. You have a better chance at success and a more pleasant time creating your new bundle of joy.

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