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Challenges to Getting Pregnant When Overweight

Getting pregnant isn’t necessarily the easiest goal to achieve for perfectly healthy couples, but when you factor in people trying to conceive with health risks the odds can change dramatically. In the case of getting pregnant when overweight, things can get a little complicated. With proper medical care, knowing what the specific problem is, and a lot of patience, an overweight woman can get pregnant. The key is to find a good doctor willing to work with you.

Here is a rundown on some of the more common causes of weight related pregnancy difficulties. The first is an overabundance of estrogen. Yes, it is true that normal weight woman produce estrogen too. However fat cells make the estrogen and too much can cause irregular ovulation or none at all. The result is like that of taking the birth control pill.

PCO or polycystic ovaries are another complication that may plague overweight women trying to get pregnant. It is a disorder of the endometrial system and is accompanied by several different symptoms. It isn’t uncommon for a woman with this condition to have acne, excessive hair on the body, and irregular periods. Along with being inconsistent, periods also tend to very heavy and painful. With this disorder, getting pregnant when overweight can feel like an uphill battle.

It isn’t just overweight women, who have a hard time conceiving a little one, underweight women are at risk for pregnancy difficulties as well. Experts believe that the problem lies in body fat distribution and having a higher waist to hip ratio. In other words having a pear shape is more conducive to pregnancy than an apple shape.

Once pregnancy has been achieved, overweight women may face challenges as well. In the case of getting pregnant when overweight there is a higher chance of pregnancy related illnesses. The first is gestational diabetes. For the most part, this condition can be controlled with healthy eating habits, though some doctors believe gestational diabetes can lead to life long diabetes later. The other condition to watch for when getting pregnant when overweight is pre-eclampsia. This condition causes high blood pressure, and discomfort as part of the condition causes excess toxins to remain in the body instead of being expelled through natural means.

There is no reason to give up hope of having a child due to being overweight. A good doctor who understands the condition and is ready to help will be incredibly beneficial in this situation. Ask other overweight women who are pregnant or have children who they see and if their relationship is a good one.

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