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Exercise During Pregnancy Helps the Birth Process

Exercise during pregnancy helps the birth process and can benefit you even if you may not feel up to it. You will need to discuss any forms of exercise plans with your doctor or midwife before starting just in case you have any medical problems that may be affected by exercise. Exercising can help you … Read more

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Benefits of Exercise During Pregnancy

You have probably dreamed of this event since you were a little girl playing with her first baby doll, and now that long-cherished dream has finally come true. You are going to be a mother, and it’s time to consider the benefits of exercise during pregnancy, and do everything you can to make the experience … Read more

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Abdominal Exercises During Pregnancy

It is probably fine to continue your regular abdominal exercises during pregnancy until you begin to show, but once your baby bump begins to show, it is probably best to avoid the commonly known abdominal exercises during pregnancy, like sit-ups, crunches, and leg lifts, since the baby’s weight while you are lying on your back … Read more