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Quick! Before the First Signs of Pregnancy Tell On You

Because most women are by themselves when they discover the happy news that they pregnant, it is up to them to decide how to impart this information to their partners. Over the years there have been announcements that were poignant, silly, and just plain matter of fact. Some new moms to be have even let the appearance of the first signs of pregnancy tell the news for them. Whether the pregnancy is attributed to the first child or the sixth, methods for letting dad in on the big secret should fit the couple and have meaning for the two new parents.

In one case, the mom was expecting the couple’s first child. Her first signs of pregnancy hadn’t been obvious, as occurs from time to time, and they had been trying for a baby for awhile. When the home pregnancy test came up positive, it was time to spring into the action. By the time the unsuspecting new dad arrived home from work, the entire house was decorated in light blue and pink streamers. The new daddy was also surprised by a card from his baby to be and a Mylar balloon weighted with mom’s home pregnancy test. This is just an example of one way to make the pregnancy announcement to the one who will most closely share in mom’s joy.

Another way to break the news before the first signs of pregnancy give it away, is plan a special at home dinner around the news. Hubby comes home and dinner is all laid out. On the menu this evening will be baby peas, baby carrots, and new potatoes. The entrée will be baby back ribs. The meal is rounded out with a dessert of miniature tarts or petit fours. See the theme here? If the new dad is being a little dense this evening and doesn’t pick up on the not so subtle hints or the ambience of excitement, it may be necessary to present the new dad with his choice of a pink or blue bubble gum cigar to enjoy after dinner. That should get his attention.

Unlike the example above, some men are keenly observant when it comes to noticing the first signs of pregnancy. In these cases, the announcement may not even need to be made. The new mom will just need to confirm his suspicions. This scenario has its own merits in terms of the instant togetherness the couple feels. It would be fun to go out for a celebration dinner and finish off the evening giggling over baby clothes and products in a department store.

In whatever manner mom chooses to announce her pregnancy to dad the important thing is to make the moment meaningful for both her and the new dad. But hurry, those first signs of pregnancy may beat you to it.

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