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How to Find Affordable Maternity Clothes

Maternity clothes can be very expensive. Probably for the simple reason that most styles need quite a bit additional fabric to accommodate your rapidly growing belly. However, there are ways to get affordable maternity clothes without breaking the bank, so to speak, or looking unfashionable and frumpy.

So don’t waste your time purchasing a lot of maternity clothes at top prices. Avoid those ultra-stylish, ultra-chic, and ultra-expensive maternity clothes boutiques and you’ll have more money to spend on your new baby after he or she arrives.

Remember, you’ll only be wearing your maternity clothes for a short period of time. Most women don’t even need them until they’ve reached the fifth or sometimes even the sixth month of pregnancy!

There are places where you can buy affordable maternity clothes, but if you can get some free, that’s even better! If your husband is larger than you, raid his closet. You might be able to borrow his jeans and shirts to tide you over for a few weeks. His dress shirts might also be roomier and offer a longer length than your own regular shirts.

Ask friends and relatives if they have maternity clothes they can lend you. If you do this, be prepared not to be picky. Some styles may not be what you’d normally wear, but you might be able to modify them with a change of buttons or accessories.

Don’t just limit yourself to borrowing maternity clothes. Plus size fashions, if you have a bone frame that’s large enough, can also work throughout your pregnancy. Plus size shirts work exceptionally well, although plus size pants, if you’re not normally a plus size woman, might fit poorly and be baggy in all the wrong spots.

Consider clothes like stretch pants, baggy shirts, and dresses with no waistline to get you through that awkward stage where you’re too big for your regular clothes, but not big enough to properly fill out maternity clothes.

Few pregnant women wear out their maternity clothes before the end of their pregnancies. So consider visiting thrift stores and consignment shops to see if you can find good deals on affordable maternity clothes.

Sometimes children’s consignment shops will also have a small section filled with maternity clothes.

And always be sure to check out the plus sizes and men’s clothing in any department store to see if you can find a decent garment on sale that you can wear during your pregnancy. For example, if you’re a businesswoman, a men’s sport jacket may be the ideal solution to looking crisp and professional while your tummy expands.

Looking good throughout your pregnancy need not be expensive. With a little imagination and some planning you can get an excellent looking maternity wardrobe on a budget.

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